We use an additional spam blocking service called ASSP. This generally does a better job at removing spam although there are cases where legitimate mail may be blocked or spam may slip through. If that happens you can forward the email to the following address that corresponds to your situation to help the system learn what is and is not spam. Please remember to replace with your actual domain.

For spam that slips through, forward the email to...

For legitimate mail that gets flagged as spam, forward the email to...

If you received spam, you will also get an email report from the server that will itemize each email that came in that was flagged as spam for your account. This will enable you to whitelist the email and have it delivered. If you do not receive this email spam report, it is likely that you did not receive spam from the previous day.

If you have any questions or need support related to this, please feel free to open a ticket inside of your client center within your account.

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