About Our Company


HollyRidge Computer & Web Services was founded in May 2002 by John Bage as a family run business of which still continues today. Originally it was founded in Nashville, NC but moved to Garner, NC in November 2005. Our focus and mission has varied a little over time but our number one goal has always been to please our customer base and be affordable. All of our staff has decades of knowledge to fit with their area of expertise.

What We Offer

We offer wide variety of products and services for the computer and Internet field. We provide services to corporations, small businesses, and consumers alike. This can be anywhere from computer repair -to- web design -to- server management -to- network security. This is just a small part of what we offer. Please check out our Products & Services page to see more of what we provide. Of course, if you do not see it on there, please contact us as this may be something we can perform.


Many have asked where does “HollyRidge” come from. Many get this confused with the town of Holly Ridge, NC however, it has nothing to do with it at all. This name began from a piece of property that was owned by John in Virginia. It was a large holly grove on a slight ridge of land that had to be cleared by hand. This is where the “Holly” and the “Ridge” comes from. These two words were put together to form “HollyRidge” (one word – no spaces – capital H and R).

Meet Our Team

John Bage
John Bage General Manager

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Pamela Bage
Pamela Bage Customer Service

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